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Freelance Translator Opportunities

Freelance Translator Opportunities

You undoubtedly know SDL as the market leader for technology products such as SDL Trados Studio. But did you know we are also one of the world’s leading providers of language services? We translate and post-edit in excess of 1 billion words every year in over 200 language combinations. We are always looking for the very best Freelance translators to come and join our extended team of expert linguists.

So why work for SDL as a Freelancer?

Further down the page you can read testimonials from Freelancers who partner with us regularly but here’s a quick overview of just some of the benefits of Freelancing for SDL:
•  Top of the list: we pay promptly and regularly - no need to waste valuable time chasing invoices
•  We are BIG! The scale of SDL means large volumes of work for our regular Freelancers
•  There are over 1,000 work givers in SDL… that’s a lot of work looking for a home!
•  Our teams live, breathe and understand localization so you are talking to localization professionals who understand the process
•  We are far-reaching: our variety of clients and domains means variety of content for you

• We are a stable company: we’ve been in business since 1992
• We offer discounts on our CAT tools 
• We even offer freebies such as FREE post editing training and certification to vendors on our database
• We look to build partnerships: we provide feedback on completed work and seek it in return
• We are friendly and we care – our freelancers are part of our team so we run events like Open Days so you can get to know us better

Who are we looking for?

If you are an experienced and motivated Freelance translator, with a solid translation background, you could be joining our Freelance team and enjoying the many benefits that Freelance work with SDL offers. 
We are especially interested in Freelance translators, reviewers and post-editors with experience in the sectors you can see on the right. 


Here's what our freelancers have to say about us

"SDL is one of my main clients. I do all sorts of translation work for them, from small jobs of less than 1,000 words to larger projects that last for a month or more. I'm never expected to perform tasks that fall outside the scope of my work as a translator - files are prepared for translation and reference material is provided along with clear instructions. They give me feedback on a regular basis, which is surprisingly rare in this business and of course always appreciated." JJ - Freelancer working with SDL since 2005

"SDL's processes have always worked well - POs are issued in a timely manner and the project managers respond promptly to queries or comments. I definitely rank SDL among my favourite clients - because I can concentrate on translation without worrying about technical or administrative issues." PC - Freelancer working with SDL since 2011

"Working for SDL as a freelance translator means being well integrated in their working team of project managers, proofreaders and translators. All in all, working with SDL is smooth, rewarding and stimulating, making them an ideal partner for a freelance translator." AB - Freelancer working with SDL since 2010

"Working as a freelancer for SDL has been a great pleasure. All projects are very well managed and we get feedback so we can continuously improve on quality and client satisfaction. All questions are always answered, and suggestions are always heard and duly considered. Because of this, even though I work from my home office some 400km from the main office, I feel part of their in-house team." TN -Freelancer working with SDL since 2008

"What I most appreciate about SDL is that they really value their freelance translators and they have a strong focus on delivering high quality jobs to their clients. The end client benefits from the expertise of dedicated translators who perform a great job, and the translator is also happy with the recognition for his good work, with this long-term, friendly relationship and with his high productivity. So, I would wholeheartedly recommend SDL." GA - Freelancer working with SDL since 2012 

"To work with SDL is always a pleasure: they are nice people to talk to, their project teams are highly skilled, very professional and cooperative. Any problems that arise during the course of a project are dealt with and taken into account." US - Freelancer working with SDL since 2002 

"We have been working with SDL since about 1995 and the relationship with the company has always been excellent. We have been working in collaboration with their very professional and pleasant project managers, who are always available to discuss the project planning, help us with the project setup, and support us in problem-solving, quickly and effectively." NG - Freelancer working with SDL since 1995 

"I have always found SDL to be courteous and fair-minded. The projects are usually well suited to my specific domain and deadlines and deliverables are indicated clearly and without ambiguity. Purchase orders are most of the time handed over at the beginning or shortly after a project and consequent payments are made punctually." SR - Freelancer working with SDL since 1998

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